A one man studio that aims to create authentic extreme sports games for real enthusiasts.


The past

Founded by Adam Hunt in 2012, Yeah Us! is a one man business supported by a cast of freelancers and friends. Having been a BMXer for around 15 years and being unhappy with the lack of quality BMX titles, in late 2011 Adam decided to learn how to program in order to make a game for people that actually ride BMX. Just over a year later and Adam's first title, 'Pumped: BMX', was a surprise cult hit in the cycling world. Off the back of this success 'Yeah us!' was founded, named after a tattoo gained whilst on a BMX trip.

The present

After running the business during evenings and weekends for a further year, Adam recently made the jump to 'full time indie' in order to fully focus on the follow up title, 'Pumped BMX 2', which he hopes to release in mid 2014.

He is currently happily working out of a small home office and listening to an embarrassing amount of synthpop.


Pumped: BMX Android Release Trailer YouTube


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